Youtube videos


Here we are collecting the best free material related to programming and web development. The youtube videos which we have added or are submitted by visitors because of their quality are marked as unclaimed. These videos are not managed by their real copyright owners. If you are the owner of any of such video/ playlist then please claim for ownership.

Why claim for playlist ownership?

  • After claiming for playlist, you will be able to manage your playlist from our member section.
  • You will get analytics of your viewers. It will help you in knowing from where your viewers are coming and where you are loosing your viewers.
  • You will be able to add more quality to your video embedded pages by modifying the description and tags of the videos. We provide best setup for SEO so that videos can be shown in the top in search engines.
  • There is a written content facility in for video, i.e, you can describe your video content in text version also which will be displayed under corresponding video. Search engines are much more sensitive for text rather than video content. It will also provide written code to viewers so that they can directly copy & paste the code without loosing their interest from video.

How to clain for ownership of youtube playlist?

  • First of all for claiming for youtube playlist ownership, you must be real owner of that youtube channel.
  • Then you have to signup for Find All Together.
  • At this time we are working on automatic system to verify the youtube channel ownership. You will be able to use automatic system for it within 2-3 days. Till then you have to submit a request via email to with subject "Claim for youtube playlist ownership" and you have to also mention the link of your playlist at Find All Together and your user id at Find All Together.
  • Then you will get a very short code for pasting it the first video of the playlist.
  • After it, we will check it manually and will map your user id to your playlist.

I don't want my videos here

Although we only embed those videos which have legal permissions to embed but in case if we have chosen any of your playlist as best content and you don't want to increase your video traffic then we will drop down your playlist from our database. But to ensure that you are the real owner of that playlist, you have to claim for that video first. Then we will delete your playlist as well as your account from our database.