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For all visitors:

For using this website, visitors must be agree with the following terms:

  • Just like other websites, we also use cookies and cache to give relevant services to our visitors.
  • Because our website is in beta state, there are some known and unknown bugs. If you notice any such bug please email at harish@findalltogether.com.
  • Do not use email id or contact form for advertising.
  • Use only ENGLISH for conversation on posts, tutorials, videos or in forums.
  • Here all posts and tutorials are unique and we do not allow anybody to copy and part of this content.
  • Asking the unethical or sex related question in forums is not allow.
  • You are not permit to spam forums or posts with your comments for backlinks, advertising and publicity.
  • The person who asks question in forum may be a newbie so using rude language is not allow.
  • We track the location, language, IP address and other information of the user for our analytics.
  • As we use piwik and google analytics, we also store the cookies and local data of these websites also.
  • To speed up our website, we store our static fields in visitors browser cache.
  • We do not use cookies of other websites which are stored in your browser.

For guest authors (written content):

  • You can submit only those posts which are not copyright of any other website.
  • Only posts related to programming and web development will be accepted.
  • The posts which are written for publicity or affinity will not be accepted.

For youtube instructors:

  • You can submit only those youtube videos which are under creative common license.
  • You will get admin section for monitorize the video content only if you are real owner of that youtube channel.
  • We are working on admin section and you will get analytics and admin section till end of Nov 2015.

Registered users (including authors):

  • We use string hashing to keep your password safe.
  • Your email and other personal information will not be disclosed. We do not sell information to any third party.
  • We do not track individual user and their private data.