Frequently Asked Questions


1) I want to contribute a post. How can I do it?

Ans. Follow the following steps:

  • Read guidelines on Contribute page.
  • Select a topic from topic list.
  • Choose a title for your article and email it to for review. It is better to sent a list of topics. NOTE: Your email must also specify the URL you wish for us to link to from your article.
  • You will get a response within 24 hours. If your topic is approved then go ahead and write the article.
  • Email it to with the title 'Guest Post for Review'.
  • You must include an author bio at the end of your post.

2) I want to write a complete series of tutorials. How can I do it? Will I have to follow the normal pattern?

Ans. At this moment YES. We are working on admin section and you will get admin section for direct posting.

3) I want to write a complete series of tutorials. How can I make new tags, categories and pages for it?

Ans. These all tasks can be done only by admin. So, you should have to send email through the contact us page with full details.

4) Do Find All Together give backlink to all types of the websites?

Ans. No, we only give backlinks to websites which are directly related to programming or web development. It includes tech blogs (only related to programming and web development).

5) Will my post deleted if the policies of this website are changed?

Ans. We will try to keep all posts but if your post is outside the scope of this website then your post will be deleted in order to maintain the content standard of this website.

Special offers:

1) Are special offers lifetime for the authors who come when the offer is going on?

Ans. No, offers are valid only whilst the offer is current. There is no lifetime offer.

2) I had joined when special offers were different from existing. I am not in the range of current offers but I am in the range of the last offers. Will I get those offers?

Ans. No, special offers are limited and valid only whilst they are active. Find All Together retains the right to change any offers.

Request for a tutorial:

1) I'm looking for a specific tutorial on Find All Together. How can I make a request?

Ans. We are creating a forum so that we can interact with visitors in a convenient way. Until then you can send a request through the contact us form.


1) Can terms and policies be changed?

Ans. Yes, Find All Together can change any of the terms or policies at any time without any notification.